What Is Carpet Stretching?

If the carpet inside of your home appears to be loose in certain areas, you don’t have to run out and purchase a new one to make it look right again. Service Depot specializes in carpet cleaning and carpet repair near San Marcos and can revitalize the carpeting in your home.

Carpet stretching is one of the services we offer to customers who want to repair their current carpeting. We can come to your home, stretch your carpet so that it looks like it did when you first got it, and make sure that it stays that way. Once we have repaired it, we can also use our carpet cleaning services to remove any unsightly stains from your carpets. By doing this, you can save yourself money while giving the carpets in your home a brand new look and feel. Trust Service Depot with your carpet cleaning needs, and we still stretch your carpets out for you today. Carpet Stretching