Carpet Repair Treatment

Restoring Your Damaged Carpet in Kyle and San Marcos

When your carpeting has tears or comes apart at a seam, you need a team of professionals to do the repair work. At Service Depot, we offer Kyle and San Marcos carpet repair services to treat any damaged surfaced. Our team can reattach the flooring and restore your carpet to superior condition.

Signs You Need Carpet Repair

Visible damage detracts from the appeal of your carpet and your home. Rather than replacing your carpet to address cosmetic issues, carpet repair can help you save money, time, and stress.

  • Ripples and wrinkles in your carpeting are a sure sign that repair is needed. Even small wrinkles can grow quickly and pose a tripping hazard over time, so it’s best to schedule carpet stretching as soon as you notice any wrinkles.

  • Apparent areas of uneven wear indicate an issue with your carpeting. Oftentimes, carpeting in need of stretching may display clear patterns of wear and matting.

  • Carpeting that has pulled away from the baseboards of your walls needs repairs promptly. Sharp tines along the edges of your carpet are designed to hold it in place—these tines can cause injuries if they are left exposed.

The common causes of carpet damage include:

  • Smoke absorption
  • Fire damage
  • Rips or tears
  • Pet damage

Carpet Stretching

Carpet stretching is a form of repair for areas in the carpet that bunch up or ripple. By getting your carpet stretched, you reduce the possibility of tripping or falling which could cause serious injury. In addition, carpet stretching eliminates the need to replace your flooring, which is both cost-effective and practical. These ripples, waves, wrinkles or bumps in your carpet may be caused by dragging heavy pieces of furniture across the carpet, or poor workmanship in the initial installation. If you don't address the problem the damage can continue to get worse and destroy the backing of the carpet. Service Depot uses the right tools and professional power stretching machines to do the job right the first time. We'll gladly give you a free estimate of the cost for your carpet stretching needs.

Our carpet stretching service provides the following benefits:

  • Prevents serious injuries from occurring
  • Avoids the cost caused by additional mistakes
  • Saves you the time and effort of doing it yourself

Services for Various Carpet Materials

We have different processes to make the necessary repairs, depending on the type of materials your carpets are made of. Some carpets are made of wool or cotton, however, most are made up of synthetic fibers, such as polypropylene, nylon, and acrylic.

Our trained technicians at Service Depot can tackle your need for carpet repair in a professional and skilled manner. Don’t be ashamed of your damaged carpet any longer - call us at (512) 832-8200 for a free estimate.

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