An Inside Look at Carpet Repair

Your flooring takes a beating over time, and stains, rips, and other damage could occur. If your carpets are showing signs of wear and tear, have the experts in carpet repair in San Marcos restore them to their former glory. For example, you might see burn marks, fading, or tears in your carpet that are making it look less attractive. Carpet repair is an easier process than replacing your carpet, and is a more economical choice, as well. You’ll also be helping to keep excess materials out of landfills when you choose carpet repair over replacement. Read on to learn more about carpet repair.

Repairing Carpet When to Do It

When your carpets are looking worse for the wear, it can detract from the overall appeal of your home. You might be hesitant to replace your carpet just because there are signs of wear, especially if you have pets or children running around your home. Investing in new carpet might seem futile when the odds are good that it will just incur more damage in the future. That’s why carpet repair makes sense for many homeowners. The professionals can come to your home and use their experience to seamlessly repair the parts of your carpet that need attention, leaving the rest of it intact.

How to Do It

If you think you need carpet repair services, have the experts come to your home to evaluate what needs to be done. They can determine how much damage there is, and how much of the carpet should be repaired. One or more small areas of damage can be patched with new carpet that blends in with your existing color and pile. Your technician will make precise measurements and use special tools to remove the damaged carpet, typically in a rectangular fashion so that the patch looks better. After the patch is glued into place using a hot epoxy, the technician will blend in the edges so that the seams aren’t visible. You’ll want to avoid foot traffic on the patched area for a day or two, and you can place a heavy object on it to keep feet off of it and encourage the glue to set.

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